The staff at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris constantly liaises with government agencies and health authorities to monitor development of the Covid-19 crisis so that they can anticipate and implement all the recommended arrangements for the event from 15 to 17 February 2021.

We have found strength in unity.

Stemming from the merger of Vinovision and Vinisud, Wine Paris gained further traction in 2020 through its alliance with Vinexpo, the driving force behind international wine and spirits events. 
We have gone from being three entities with complementary expertise and a shared passion for wine to a single unit driven by a collaborative spirit. Now, individual skill sets are transcended to serve the industry’s interests.
Grounded in the present, we have our sights set on the future and the following ambitions:

To be the highlight of the year by bringing together the major industry players. 
To provide a comprehensive, relevant and inclusive choice of products showcasing the unique attributes of regions in France and around the world, whose numbers are increasing.
To invite visitors to Paris, the new global centre of wine, a source of inspiration and the symbol of a way of life.
To promote effective trade by keeping our finger on the pulse of market demand.
To assert our trailblazing role for wines and spirits in Paris. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to Paris in 2021 with, we hope, that special feel and style that only France can offer.

Together, let’s bring a sparkle to the world's wine heritage.

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gabrielle vizzavona

Rendezvous with Gabrielle Vizzavona

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About Gabrielle Vizzavona

Gabrielle Vizzavona is a multi-talented wine critic. Based in Paris, she is a journalist, lecturer and conference speaker and has also travelled to most of the world’s wine regions.

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