Business on Wine Paris!

In 2019, the unprecedented array of products at WINE PARIS attracted 42% new visitors compared with the previous Vinisud and VinoVision Paris exhibitions, whilst also creating a business atmosphere applauded throughout the 3-day event.

In 2020, WINE PARIS continues to expand with an intensive promotional plan in France which is being ramped up in the United States and across the major European wine markets. The broad range of buyers will be further extended through the special “International Hosted Buyers” programme which ensures attendance by the largest international importers and brings in buyers from Asia and developing markets (Africa, Middle East, etc.).

In the same spirit, WINE PARIS is launching “Wine Match”, a 100% business and 100% online networking system designed for all exhibitors and visitors. Its sole objective is to maximise the return on investment for all participants through pre-planned meetings with targeted and bespoke contact profiles. The aim is to encourage exhibitors and visitors to prepare their attendance, plan their appointment schedule and promote engagement, meetings and business between professionals from the world’s main wine markets.

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